The aim is to think of artistic impulses as a way to practice/as
entry to knowing about ourselves/ our world/us as world(s)

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About Unknown Assets

Unknown assets is a flexible, open structure and inter/transdisciplinary creative company. The company works as a mobile, collaborator laboratory. It makes co-operation with different artists, institutions/organizations across different fields of work.

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The intellectual and practical thinking
is committed to inter/transdisciplinarity 

Unknown Assets have worked on numerous performance encounters ranging from solos (Here/Hear/Her (2016), Fork (all) (2018), Qash-Qash (2017).) to large scale choreographies (Inqindi (2015), Waltz (2015), Home (2016) and including  site-specific creations (Apha), installations and improvisation projects (Ticking White Boxes (2016), One Big Blink (2017)).

Ranging from solos, installations, live arts
exhibitions, & performance arts

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Phasellus congue sagittis

Inqindi 2015


Inqindi is a Standard Bank fringe ovation award winning production.

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